Blogging Ethnomusicology

I was excited to receive a package from New Zealand last week! It was my copy of the ICTM Yearbook. (Only the second that I’ve received since I just joined last year when I went to the world conference.)

The 2009 volume (41) contains a review essay, “Blogs by Ethnomusicologists,” by Barbara Alge (pp. 265-268). I wasn’t excited only because my fieldwork blog was listed on Alge’s blog, Blogging Ethnomusicologists, but also because it seems that blogging is receiving more recognition as a medium that plays a role in academic music circles. The review offers “insights into some blogs created by ethnomusicologists” (265), and Alge’s blog contains links to almost one hundred blogs maintained by ethnomusicologists. Although Alge suggests that “deep understanding is hindered by the often randomness of the information” gleaned from blogs, she concludes that blogs “can indeed have relevance for ethnomusicology” when used as “knowledge management tools” (268).

Blog away!

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