The Bells

The Lurie Tower

The Inauguration of the Lurie Carillon on North Campus (1998).

Ever wondered who’s playing the bells that you’re hearing coming from church towers or carillons? In a lot of places, these are automated or it’s just a recording. The University of Michigan, however, has two carillons that are played regularly by faculty and students. Today is your chance to learn more if you live in Ann Arbor. This was just released by the University News Service:


Lurie Carillon Open House
Guests are welcome to watch the carillon being played, ring a few bells and enjoy refreshments. There are opportunities to take carillon lessons for credit starting in January, following a successful audition with University Carillonneur Steven Ball.

Date: January 6, 2011, noon-6 p.m.

Location: Robert H. Lurie Tower

For more information: Image source: The Carillon page (currently inactive, but hopefully back someday!):


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