Hill Auditorium History and Information

Screen grab of search terms arriving at the blog for the last year

A screen grab of some top search terms for the past year.

I was surprised to find while looking over my blog stats this afternoon to find that, of search phrases that bring visitors to the blog, “hill auditorium” was the second highest. This is not to say that it brought a lot of visitors — only 7 — which makes me think that people are interested in performances more than musical instrument studies. (Duh?!) Nonetheless, Ann Arbor’s Hill Auditorium seems to bring a lot of traffic here. This is likely due to my May post on the pipe organ in Hill Auditorium, “The 1895 Columbian Organ,” which was really just a positive reaction to James Tobin’s article about the instrument in Michigan Today.

If you end up here with an interest in Hill or in the pipe organ, you probably want to know more than I wrote in that post. I’d recommend first, if you’re interested in the building’s history, to read Tobin’s article. Next, you might want to visit some of these links:

Hill Auditorium Stage; photo by Paul Jaronski, UM Photo Services

Other ideas? Add links in the comments, please!

Philippine Bakery in Ann Arbor

Sampaguita Logo

Sampaguita's Logo (included in every bag).

Are you interested in world foods? If you live in Ann Arbor and like bakery, I highly recommend the Philippine-style Sampaguita Bakery. It’s a new addition to Ann Arbor’s Asian food scene. The shop is located a bit out of town, but if you shop at the Asian stores in the area, many of them carry goods from Sampaguita.

A staple is pan de sal, a light and fluffy roll that’s often served with tuna or corned beef at breakfast in the Philippines. You might guess from the name that it’s Spanish-influenced.

My personal favorite is the ensaymada. This pastry, though a product of Spanish influence, is a unique Philippine treat. It’s a brioche-light pastry dough, topped with a bit of sweet butter and manchego cheese. It’s with coffee in the afternoon, or anytime really!

Check out the Sampaguita Bakery at http://sampaguitabakery.webs.com/.

Or on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/sampaguita-bakery-ann-arbor.