Philippine Bakery in Ann Arbor

Sampaguita Logo

Sampaguita's Logo (included in every bag).

Are you interested in world foods? If you live in Ann Arbor and like bakery, I highly recommend the Philippine-style Sampaguita Bakery. It’s a new addition to Ann Arbor’s Asian food scene. The shop is located a bit out of town, but if you shop at the Asian stores in the area, many of them carry goods from Sampaguita.

A staple is pan de sal, a light and fluffy roll that’s often served with tuna or corned beef at breakfast in the Philippines. You might guess from the name that it’s Spanish-influenced.

My personal favorite is the ensaymada. This pastry, though a product of Spanish influence, is a unique Philippine treat. It’s a brioche-light pastry dough, topped with a bit of sweet butter and manchego cheese. It’s with coffee in the afternoon, or anytime really!

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