Who’s Writing Here?

This blog is maintained by Jesse Johnston, an ethnomusicologist, teacher, archivist, librarian, writer, musician, etc. I can be reached at jj [at] jesseajohnston [dot] net. You can read more at my homepage. Any views, opinions, or writings expressed or made on this blog obviously represent the views of the blogger alone and are created on his own time. The blog is published on the open Web, but it is expected that use of words or ideas expressed here that are not attributed to others would be used at least with attribution; even better, please let me know what you liked or had a problem with.

If you’re wondering what organology is (read the crowdsourced definition here), you can read more on the introductory post, “Organo-what?” in which I explain “Organo-philia” (the original title of this blog).

For those of you who follow this blog—and others who may find it—note that I migrated the blog to the current “cultural organology” URL in August 2011. Many URLS have thus changed, and there may be a few links that no longer work. All of the content has been maintained from the various instantiations of the blog. Do let me know if there’s something that you’re looking for but cannot find.

You can also find me tweeting: @jesseajohnston

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