Earth Day in the Garden

Looking around this morning, a lot is happening in the garden today! Here’s a few:

Above, the viburnum prunifolium (aka Black Haw) is in bloom, with parabolas of small white flowers.

In the garden, remember those bok choi seedlings? They’re starting to look like bok choi already! (They’re about 66 days from the seed planting.) I’m not using any insect deterrents yet, so let’s hope they don’t get too munched. But we think we’ll get enough to have some baby bok choi for a stir fry at least.

Here’s the blooms on the green twig dogwood (cornus sericea ‘cardinal’), which is having a great spring though it was only planted last year.

Finally, continuing the 2016 seed project, here’s the first leaves on the nasturtiums! I planted these about three weeks ago, so they’re a bit slow to germinate but I’m looking forward to their colorful blooms, if they grow quick enough to beat the summer heat.

4 thoughts on “Earth Day in the Garden

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